Thinking: Time


If there is anything in life that approaches spirit or God to me, it is time.  Time touches everyone and everything, animate and inanimate. We submit to time, time does not submit to us. We do not fit time into our lives, rather, our lives fit into time. Time tells us when and, if we pay attention, how to do everything. These circadian rhythms within our bodies are set on a 24 hour cycle and inform our bodies of the best times for most bodily functions. If we ignore these signals and laws we will become seriously out of balance with life itself. Being in tune with the moon’s cycle and the year’s seasons is another aspect of sumitting to and respecting time.

Time gives us memory, the ability to engage in life fully, and hope for a better tomorrow. The cycle of time gives us the ritual of daily life as well as the seasons and celebrations of the calendar year. Time gives us a familiarity and experience with life so that we are not always facing the unknown. Of everything that I have encountered in life, time is the greatest, most fixed entity that I know. It is the Supreme Power. I do not mess with time…if I can help it.  I do get impatient and sometimes I speed when I am driving, but for the most part I know that time controls life. I cannot control time. Time controls me.  I must obey it’s rules. Even though we objectively know that time moves forward, and there will be a future, it is never a sure thing.

Time warns us that there is no good future without a good present. Another way of putting it is that if you are miserable right now, you will probably be miserable five minutes from now. You can change the present, and that will alter your future. The past has made us who we are right now, but the present moment is alive. By being fully engaged we are capable of directing our future path in very specific ways. Focusing exclusively on future hopes, dreams or goals can prevent us from actually gaining life experience now. Imagining the future can bring on anxiety and easily turn into worst case scenarios.  New brain pathways develop with learning. Awareness of positive or healthy choices in the present can create new pathways in the brain which actually do alter our future: we learn new information, which then become repetitive behaviors, but are different than those we did five years ago.

The best time is right  now.


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