Watching: Downton Abbey season finale (spoiler alert!)


Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson have the final happy scene.

I will ‘downsize’ this review and get to the point: what was all that nonsense with the stolen love letter between someone name Freda and the Baron?…slash that, I have been corrected…it was the Prince of Wales. That wasted about 45 minutes of the show. Cousin Rose had her ‘coming out’ party (why didn’t I have one of those when I came out?) in London and was presented to the king. The card shark gambler was present. A whole Agatha Christie type of whodunit charade had to be pulled off to save the Prince of Wales’ face…and keep him for Rose, with whom he is smitten. From what I could tell, the whole concocted story was set up so that Mr. Bates could solve the so-called crime, be the hero, and prevent Mary from questioning him about his whereabouts in London on the day Anna’s rapist died…and do what Mrs Hughes, who always knows the right thing, said all along: leave it alone.


Together again, just like we knew it would be!

Now that we have Anna and Mr. Bates taken care of, we have to deal with Edith. This episode conveniently opens 8 months later than last week. Nice time traveling…Edith never had to look pregnant. Boyfriend and baby daddy, Micheal Gregson, is still missing.  We knew it! Probably captured by Nazis! Edith has made ‘an informal agreement’ with a couple in Switzerland to adopt her baby daughter (once again, no heirs for the Earl and Countess of Grantham), a decision she comes to  regret as the interminably long episode draws on.  She has an epiphany at  Rose’s party and tells Mary that one must act on (‘make a scene’) what is really important.  She rushes out and starts packing.  She convinces Drewe, the ‘pig man’, to take in her daughter, with a thinly veiled story that the child belongs to a friend of hers. That sets it up for next season when Edith and Michael will reunite with their daughter.  Or will the Nazis get him?

Mary’s story of being pursued (endlessly) was less interesting.  Now that she knows that Charles is rich, she has put both Tony and Charles in the ring with the call, “Let the battle commence!”

lady-mary-suitors-downton-abbey-season-4-tom-cullen-julian-ovendenWhich suitor will it be? Tony or Charles?

Tony is taller…that should count for something.

Charles got her dirty with the pigs…that would do it for me.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Richard Juhl
    Feb 24, 2014 @ 22:11:45

    The whole game changed after the pig wrestling event. I vote for Charles. Plus I had a “thing” for him after watching him in “Foyle’s War.



  2. phernhunt
    Feb 24, 2014 @ 23:08:10

    The pendulum is moving towards Charles, unless Julian Fellowes creates some bigger and better suitor for Mary…which he probably will.



  3. Linda Poya
    Feb 25, 2014 @ 15:27:05

    AND Charles shares the modern view with Matthew than the aristocracy is passe and it’s time
    to move on. This pairing would provide more opportunities for conflict, although Mary is evolving
    and not so much a stick in the mud after the mud slinging. Who would be your ideal suitor for
    Mary? Perhaps she should meet a young Winston Churchill?



  4. phernhunt
    Feb 25, 2014 @ 16:25:08

    Of the two, Charles is preferable, but for the time being I am sticking with No One. She married Matthew, and unavailable, good-looking, lover-friend, who saved Downton from financial failure by being an heir. She is the main female character in the show, far more important than Cora, Lady Grantham. She engages with her father as if she were his son, and now she is pretty much running the previously non-existent family business with Tom. Charles’ entrance into the family would push Tom over, but he might be ready to move to America. Charles and Lord Grantham? I don’t see it, but maybe that is what the show needs. Both Robert and Mary have fixed elitist psychological orientations to life, with the occasional compassionate moment. I cannot accept the way Mary belittles her sister Edith; Robert’s behavior was despicable when he had the Dame Nellie Melba opera diva, played by my favorite Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, sit with the servants. Then Cora, Lady Granthan, was insulted and brought her to the table. These are the attitudes and behaviors that are uniquely Downton, and why American Cora has very little to say about how things run.

    I say No One now because Mary does not show a need to be in a couple. Suitors come left and right and she says ‘I’m not ready’. Mary is about money, preserving the landed gentry, and saving Downton…and as we know, that is an impossible task. Can Charles help her to that? I think No One can.



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