Reading: The Circle by Dave Eggers

imagesIf you are fascinated by or scared to death of what seems to be a mass societal lifestyle of perpetual electronic connectedness, you will find The Circle interesting reading.  It is a slightly futuristic dystopia set inside a company that is Google-Facebook-Twitter, where a naive young woman, Mae, gets her first job. During her orientation (think indoctrination) she is counseled to share all of her concerns and activities with other Circle employees/members.  I am getting a creepy cult feeling. Mae starts losing and alienating her friends and family in order to succeed professionally in The Circle.  As her Circle star rises, Mae succumbs to the corporate code of full disclosure, eventually agreeing to “go transparent” and let the public watch–and comment on–her every move.

The saying/mantra that Circle management develops is:

Secrets are lies

Sharing is caring

Privacy is theft

Eggers does not pull any punches, and his storytelling is not nuanced.  He gets inside the utopia of the Google-type future, but sees it as an even worse Big Brother than you could ever imagine. This is not the kind of book I usually go for, but I found it fascinating to follow Egger’s character Mae into this cultlike world of total transparency.





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  1. rachel wahba
    May 02, 2014 @ 00:19:39

    ok gonna read it. thanks i love your review style!



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