Watching: The Good Wife


The title of the show is such a misnomer. The Good Wife…Not.  The show is not about marriage. It is about an upscale law office…or, now,  two law offices that Alicia and Cary have formed their own firm.  The show is about Alicia Florrick, lawyer. She has been separated from her politician husband since the show began because he got caught having an affair. Alicia has had an affair with colleague Will, and still seems hung up on him, even though he is dead. She probably no longer loves hubby Peter.  She started her new law firm recently, but that is no longer interesting to her. She is lost and questioning what she cares about and what she wants to do with her life. She was mentored by firm partner/owner Diane, and has a close relationship with investigator Kalinda. It is always a good thing to have Kalinda on your side.
I am fascinated by the term “Good” in the title of the show, as it seems that all of the characters can be seen in terms of their ethical/moral behavior. Here is my character analysis based on ethics:
Alicia Her ethics are basically good, and she always tells the truth.  The actress Juliana Margulies tells everything with her eyes; she has basically good instincts. To me she seems too busy to be really thoughtful. She is  always caught in the middle of people, and is usually comprimising.  She is reactive, but usually gets away with it. She is not a good wife, because she spends no time being a wife. She is a good attorney, but not as good as Diane or Will.  She tries to be a good mother, but she has very little time for her kids. She is very professional and puts her whole self into every case.
Diane is the show’s moral center. I love her. She is a feminist and supports the women in the firm. She is opposed to guns and violence.  She thinks quickly and always makes decisions that are right, and does not hesitate to tell someone when she thinks they are wrong. She works in a world filled with lies and deception, but she always manages to find the right moral path.
Will was smart, charismatic and selfish. His ethics were always ambiguous: his alleged wrongdoings were never proven. He indulged in many sexual affairs and he celebrated the idea that he might be the sole owner-partner of Lockhart-Gardner if Diane was going to be appointed to the Supreme Court.
Peter He has recovered from his past sexual ethical problems…he hired prostitutes on state money, and is now showing somewhat good ethics. He is tough and authoritative. My problem with Peter is that he has Eli working for him, who has very questionable ethics.
Eli He is a public relations slimeball who thinks making people look good is a high art. He is  always ready to fight dirty. Supposedly he is modeled after Chicago politician, and former Obama chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel.
Cary He was the mastermind of the mutiny at Lockhart Garner. He seems to be motivated by hurt that he wasn’t the chosen one, and that Alicia was. Then there is the background hurt and negligence by his father. He showed good ethics when working for State’s Attorney’s office while they were investigating Kalinda.  He told her she was being investigated.  He is loyal to his friends and thorough in his approach to work.
Zach, Alicia’s son: good sense of right and wrong; thoughtful, always protective of his mother.
Grace, Alicia’s daughter: searching for answers in religion; afraid that Alicia disapproves.
Kalinda: the best. She has seen it all. Been to the dark side and back. Has nothing to lose.  Kalinda is unflappable, inscrutable, fiercely private, and occasionally physically violent.  She is honest, but the nature of her job is to get the dirt on people, so she does unethical things for the greater good.



Once Upon a Dream

I recently discovered the singer Lana Del Ray. Grace loves her. Here is what Wikipedia says about her:

She has been described as a “self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra” and “Lolita lost in the hood[96] and her music has been noted for its cinematic sound and its references to various aspects of pop culture, particularly that of 1950s and ’60s Americana.[97][98][99][100][101][102][103] Rolling Stone noted that Del Rey enjoys playing the role of lounge singer.[104] Del Rey has also been called “a torch singer of the internet era[105] and “the anti-Gaga.”

I listened to some of her music and felt like I was back in the Twin Peaks days, hypnotized by her voice.  Then I found her singing Once Upon a Dream, a song from the Disney movie, which will be released in May, Malificent. She is breathy and breathless at the same time, as if the song were a little puzzle knot that keeps coming around again.  Malificent is the evil queen in the Sleeping Beauty story, played by Angelina Jolie. Watch the movie trailer and listen to Lana Del Ray singing this eerie version of the song:

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