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Young Laci Green rants: Why I’m a Feminist *gasp*

It’s 4 and a half minites and worth it.

From Wikipedia:  Laci Green is an American YouTube video blogger, public sex educator, and feminist. As a sex educator, she has given lectures at several universities. Green is also one of the hosts of DNews, a YouTube-channel with short science-based shows, launched by the Discovery News-website.

Laci was born in Utah into a Mormon household. Her mother is from an American small town and her father is from Iran. At the age of 2, her family moved to Portland, Oregon. At the age of 12, her family moved to California for her father’s job. As she grew older she began to question the Mormon faith because of the gender roles and expectations of her as a woman. Growing up, Laci was interested in theatre and was supported by her mother who owns a theatre company. Soon after leaving the church, she fell into a state of deep depression and struggled with self-harm and suicidal thoughts. She began to work with a therapist who helped her through her depression. Laci mentions in one video that she graduated from high school at the age of 15.   On January 18, 2013 Laci Green appeared on Dr. Phil (TV series) in an episode titled “Girls Who Bash Girls Who Dress Sexy” where she spoke about how she believes that slut-shaming is wrong and how it is used to degrade a woman’s sexuality.

Reading: Ripper, by Isabel Allende

imagesBay Area writer Isabel Allende takes on the world of crime fiction with this murder mystery set in San Francisco. Allende’s characteristic circular and organic literary style contrasts sharply with the typical mystery novel. You will go on a long trip with this imaginative, magical, playful, and socially conscious, story.

High school student Amanda belongs to a group of misfit kids who comprise Ripper, an internet role-playing game. Mom and Dad are divorced.  Mom is a holistic healer and Dad is a cop. Dad is on the case of several murders hitting San Francisco at once.  Amanda puts her group on the case…seemingly a few steps ahead of dad all the way. Allende pokes fun at many San Francisco personality types, especially mom’s healing business…but she treads lightly. (She claims that all San Francisco therapists are New York Jews…hmmf.) The murders ARE finally solved, but you know that Allende’s roundabout way of getting there is more about her enjoying poking fun at her characters and going on her own adventure into the hip culture scene that is San Francisco.


Reading: And The Dark Sacred Night, a novel

imagesA single mom raises a son who, now in his thirties, needs to know who his father was. The search for the father is not what you might expect.  Kit, the seeker, finds many members of his family, gay and straight, that he easily connects with…lots of discovery as well as frustration. The novel, written by Julia Glass, who also wrote Three Junes in 2003, easily goes back in time to when Kit’s mother, Lucinda (also a character in Three Junes) was a teenager and spent a summer at music camp and met the intriguing Malachy…and forward in time to Kit’s search for family ties. The beauty of this book is the portrayal of complex characters.  The storyline keeps weaving in more people, but Glass keeps a firm hold on the plot. The message is hope: many of her characters are wounded and yet always trying to be the best person that they can be.  Strongly recommended.

Riding on the Bay Trail


This is a great flat riding and walking trail along the Bay. I started at Sierra Point (San Francisco) and rode for about 6 miles round trip. That’s Mt. Diablo on the horizon.

Bay TrailThis is where I started: Sierra Point and around Oyster Point, down to San Bruno Point.

SF Bay trail mapHere is the whole map: it goes around the entire Bay. Now that’s a ride!

Atticus the pig

On our way to the Marin County Fair we drove along Sunset Blvd in SF to get to the Golden Gate Bridge. On the path to the right we saw a man walking his small dog and a big pig:



This is Atticus:


At the Marin County Fair

marin county fairIt might have been The Happiest Fair on Earth, if it weren’t 93 degrees! That was a little challenging, but we got through the worst of it, and there was a low point when we thought we might not get through…but air conditioned exhibition halls, cold water and salad brought us around. We arrived at 3:30 and the incredible Cajun band from New Orleans, Beausoleil, was playing gorgeous music with great stage acoustics. We were sitting in the shade. Then the temperature set us back a bit, but we came around. We enjoyed the Bonsai exhibition, especially the redwoods…see link.untitled ferris wheelThat’s me and Melinda up at the top of the ferris wheel enjoying the view of Mt. Tamalpais and the entire region…after the temperature dropped into the 80s. That is the only ride I will go on…these days.

untitledThe spectacular event of the evening is the fireworks show, going off right overhead, which for me always makes up for the foggy San Francisco 4th of July nights when we are drenched in fog and cannot see the big show. Although this 4th, the Mission neighborhood put on an incredible array of local shows that lit up the night for two hours with neighbors spending a pretty penny on some elaborate displays. Still not as good as the Marin County Fair.


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