Reading: Ripper, by Isabel Allende

imagesBay Area writer Isabel Allende takes on the world of crime fiction with this murder mystery set in San Francisco. Allende’s characteristic circular and organic literary style contrasts sharply with the typical mystery novel. You will go on a long trip with this imaginative, magical, playful, and socially conscious, story.

High school student Amanda belongs to a group of misfit kids who comprise Ripper, an internet role-playing game. Mom and Dad are divorced.  Mom is a holistic healer and Dad is a cop. Dad is on the case of several murders hitting San Francisco at once.  Amanda puts her group on the case…seemingly a few steps ahead of dad all the way. Allende pokes fun at many San Francisco personality types, especially mom’s healing business…but she treads lightly. (She claims that all San Francisco therapists are New York Jews…hmmf.) The murders ARE finally solved, but you know that Allende’s roundabout way of getting there is more about her enjoying poking fun at her characters and going on her own adventure into the hip culture scene that is San Francisco.



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  1. Melinda Basker
    Jul 11, 2014 @ 22:54:27

    Phernie, as your editor, I must tell you that one word is missing a letter:


    (Love, Melinda)




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