Craig and Penny show me Seattle….

Fabulous nephew and niece Craig and Penny took me on a grand tour of Seattle on an unusually hot Pride weekend. I came a day and a half early before getting on my Olivia Cruise, embarking from Seattle, to have some fun with the ‘kids’, who are grandparents 12 times now. (!!!!!!)

This is the view from water taxi and our cruise ship, the ms Oosterman, from Holland America


View from our water taxi on the way to West Seattle


View from my room at the Westin, Craig and Penny’s favorite Seattle hotel, and also the hotel that Olivia Travel recommended. Full of lesbians!

The Westin lit up in rainbow colors on Pride Saturday night


First order of business: Walk to Pike Place Fish Market



Penny asking fishmonger where to catch crab and telling him her secrets.

Craig and I sharing a cold IPA in the 80+degree Seattle weather.

We had a quick delicious lunch of oysters, fish and chips…and beer at the Athenian, the restaurant where Sleepless and Seattle was filmed. We visited Ghost Alley, with gum everywhere,

and a relaxing water taxi to West Seattle…so much fun.

On Sunday we went to the Seattle Pride Parade.



Goodbye to Seattle and thanks to my sweet nephew and niece, Craig and Penny. Until next time!







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